Safety and Regulations

Since the establishment of 24idx we demanded to serve our customers with the highest degree of transparency and integrity, our priority is to maintain a safe trading environment for all traders.

24idx exceed the strict criteria for securing the funds followed by conventional financial services institutions in this area to ensure The greatest possible safety and protection for your money .

The money transfer process is carried through upay, which operates under the name of " moorwand" which follow the anti-money laundering policy. "moorwand" is under the British FCA license under license number 900709.

24idx is a trading arm of Sharp Media LIMITED. We attach great importance to the safety and confidentiality of our customer data while maintaining that none of these data is shared with any third party. This ensures that all data and documents are secured through the globally recognized SSL encryption system to ensure an extra layer of safety for our customers.

We follow the AML policy for the sake of our anti-money laundering policy.

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